Who We Are

Luckybars™ were born from Hope and Yes!… a little luck. Here I was, a mom of two amazing boys one of whom is an adventurous eater and my little one…well I could count on one hand the food he would eat. Unfortunately – his only real source of protein was milk and the rest of the food he would eat was plain carbs (plain bread, plain pancakes, plain waffles and you guessed it – plain crackers). We tried everything from sharing foods, games …even bribery (what kid wouldn’t eat an egg in exchange for a toy)! One day while on a family vacation, I had some protein bars with me that my dear friend made in his bakery. I liked to keep them in my purse because they were great to have any time someone was hungry or when lunch simply was not going to happen on time. My oldest asked for one on an airplane and to My Surprise My Little One Took A Bite.  What was shocking was that he LOVED it and asked for his own! Naturally my oldest gave him that one and we watched him eat the whole peanut butter chocolate bar and even lick his fingers. I thought “WOW…I AM SO LUCKY”! At that moment I realized that he just had more protein than 2 eggs, which would be nearly impossible to get him to eat. I knew then that I had to share this with all moms of picky eaters, athletic kids who grab fast food, and even for themselves. I was so lucky to have protein, high quality ingredients and real nutrition for my son…now we could help provide better nutrition for kids everywhere.

Today, Luckybars™ can be enjoyed by kids and families everywhere and they are improving the nutritional outlook for moms of picky eaters. I know how hard it can be and how stressful it is when you are always worried about if your child is getting enough protein. It’s my true joy and privilege to share Luckybars with you and your little ones. I hope you love them as much as we do. I count my Lucky Stars each day for the protein!


Meet Our Panel of Experts

Jamie Oberweger

Chief Mom and Luckybar Founder

Jamie is mom to two boys, and it is her story that inspired the launch of the Luckybar brand. Despite her continued efforts to get her young son to eat, he simply would not eat protein-rich and/or nutritious foods. He would only eat carbs…bread to be exact. His only source of real protein was milk, but not enough to give him a proper amount of protein each day. Finally, when he tried one of the peanut butter bars from Dr. Moulavi, he loved it and Jamie knew she had to share these with moms of other picky eaters everywhere. Jamie and her oldest son created stories to entertain her youngest son – which eventually evolved into the stories of Luke and Lucy Lucky today. Jamie continues to be an avid supporter and advocate for children’s nutrition.

Dr. Sasson Moulavi

Medical Director


Erica Kravit




11 Stars & A Halo

Luckybars will always feature the signature blue halo representing a halo of wellbeing and accompanying 11 stars, which represent 11 key benefits of proper nutrition on children:

Healthy weight for height

Improved mental well-being

Ability to help learn and concentrate

Good energy level

Easier recovery from illness or injury

Improved self-esteem

Strong bones and muscles

Faster wound healing

Reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancers and bone diseases

Ability to help fight off sickness and disease

Creating good nutritional habits for life


Lucky Kids Adventures

Meet Luke and Lucy Lucky

Come meet, play and become friends with the Lucky kids, Luke and Lucy Lucky! This brother and sister pair love to go on adventures together and their stories are shared with every Luckybar flavor.

It was a starry night when Luke and Lucy decided to get a closer look. They put on their space suits, made a wish on a lucky star and flew into outer space. They explored planets, stars and got a really amazing look at earth!…

On a warm and sunny day Luke and Lucy went to the beach to play in the sand. They built the most amazing sandcastles and even put flags on top! They had an incredible day…

On a clear night Luke and Lucy gathered up their chocolate, marshmallows, and camping gear and went outside for a campout! Once their tents were set up it was time to roast some marshmallows…

Ahoy mate! On a Saturday afternoon Luke and Lucy were playing pirates. They wondered what it would be like to have their own pirate ship and discover secret treasure! So, they wished on a lucky star set sail as pirates! They even made friends with an octopus, a whale and a sea full of friends!…

One morning Luke and Lucy wondered what it would be like to play with monkeys. So, they wished on a lucky star and set off to go swing on coconut trees and hang around with some monkeys. They had a wonderful time!…

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