Cosmic Chocolate Caramel Almond

per-stories-cosmic-astronautsOne starry night, Luke and Lucy looked out the window to see if they could make shapes and pictures in the stars.

It was a little hard to see so they decided to get a closer look.

Luke and Lucy put on their space suits (helmets too!), closed their eyes and held hands. 

Then, they made a wish on a lucky star and said “Lucky Star…can you please help us to come see you and get a closer look at all of the other stars?”

Whoosh!  Just like that it happened! 

The next thing the brother and sister knew was that they were off exploring space together!  It was amazing!

They were flying together looking around at all of the planets, the stars, and they even took a snack break while sitting on the moon! 

When they were there, they looked back at Earth and realized what a special planet we live on and how they were so happy they recycle and do their part to help the Earth.

They flew around a little more making shapes out of the stars they could see and even played a silly game of catch in outer space! 

Finally, they were getting a little tired and decided it was time to go home. 

Once again, they closed their eyes, held hands and wished again on the lucky star saying “Lucky Star, thank you so much for our adventure but now we are tired so can you please help us to get home?” 

Whoosh!  Just like that it happened! 

The brother and sister opened their eyes and they were back home, cozy and warm.  What an amazing experience they had!  They will never forget being in outer space! 

“Thank you and good night lucky star!” they said! 

And a good night it was.  They fell right asleep and had wonderful dreams of stars, planets and moons.

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