Crazy Coconut

per-stories-crazy-monkeyOne summer morning, Luke and Lucy were pretending to be monkeys in their house. 

They moved their arms like monkeys and made funny monkey sounds.

Then, they wondered what it would be like to really play with monkeys.

So, they made a wish on a lucky star and said “Lucky Star…we would really love to play with monkeys.  Can you please help us?”

Whoosh!  Just like that it happened! 

The next thing they knew, Luke and Lucy were swinging on coconut trees with monkeys!

The monkeys were so silly!  They made funny faces and liked to swing upside down!

Luke was swinging upside down too!

Lucy was swinging from vine to vine under the coconuts!

They were all silly monkeys!

They all started making funny faces together!

And… they even did monkey silly monkey moves!

Finally, they were so tired from their crazy monkey day that they could barely stand up.

So, they made a wish on a lucky star and said “Lucky Star…we are so tired.  Can we please go home now?”

Whoosh!  Just like that it happened!

Luke and Lucy were back home and ready for bed after such an amazing day!

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