Pirate Peanut Butter Chocolate

per-stories-pirate-cloudsAhoy mate!  One Saturday afternoon, Luke and Lucy were busy playing pirates.

They put on their pirate costumes, even pirate hats!

They wondered what it would be like to have their own pirate ship to set sail and discover secret treasure.

So, they wished upon a lucky star saying “Lucky Star, can you help us to become pirates for the day?”

Whoosh!  Just like that it happened! 


Luke and Lucy set sail aboard their very own pirate ship and followed a map to secret treasure.

While sailing, they made friends with an octopus named Olive, a whale named Wally and a sea full of friends.  They even made friends with a Sea Turtle named Sam!

Finally, they arrived to the “X” on their map.  There it was just sitting by a palm tree…TREASURE!

They scooped up their new pirate treasure and started to head back on their sea adventure.

Then, Olive the Octopus told them how the treasure belonged to the dolphins, who were looking everywhere for it!  So, Luke and Lucy returned it, waved to Olive and decided to head towards home.  Olive promised to tell the dolphins where the treasure was.

Olive, Wally and Sam told them to come back again soon to play!

Once again, Luke and Lucy wished up on a lucky star and said “Lucky Star, we are getting tired and are ready to go home now.”

Whoosh!  Just like that it happened. 

They were back home, tired and happy.  Most of all, they were so happy they helped the dolphins and even made new friends!

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