Strawberry Sandcastles

per-stories-sandcastles-kiteOn a warm and sunny day Luke and Lucy packed up their beach bags, because they were going to have fun in the sand!

In their beach bags, they made sure they had sunglasses (check!), sunscreen (check!), pails with square bottoms (check!), pails with round bottoms (check!), big, medium and small shovels (check!), small flags (check!) and water bottles (check!).

Their beach bags were SO FULL!

Now they were ready to go!  Their mom and dad set up chairs and blankets while Luke and Lucy set up their sandcastle area. 

They scooped up the sand and filled their buckets.  Let the building begin!

Carefully, Luke and Lucy scooped and built and slowly the sandcastles started to take shape. 

Then, a little crab walked by but just when Lucy was going to move him, the little crab waved his claw at her and said, “wow!  Those sandcastles are amazing!  Can I go inside?”

Luke and Lucy made a special place for the little crab and told him he was the guardian of the sandcastles!  He seemed to like that.

Finally, the sandcastles were complete!  They each put flags on top and stood next to their masterpieces so their mom and dad could take pictures. 

Even the crab was in the picture!

Eventually, a big wave started to wash the sandcastles away.  By then, Luke and Lucy were so tired and ready to go back home.

Luke and Lucy love going to the beach.  Today, was an especially fun and incredible day!

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